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Four Horrible Soccer Bets

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Can you actually win money gambling on online slots?

Oftentimes, slot machines are regarded as being one of the most entertaining options that offline and online casinos provide. Due to their popularity, many individuals wonder if they can actually win real money at slot machines. Said in simpler terms, yes you can make money with slots. Playing a slot machine is relatively easy. However, winning slot games requires a little know-how and technique. Additionally, luck plays an important role in your chances of winning slot games. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to improve your chances of winning. In today’s post, we take a closer at some professional recommendations and tips to consider when it comes to winning slot games.


1) Keep It Simple

If you assume that using a more complex slot machine, will increase your chances of earning cash, you’d be wrong. Statistically speaking, the more complex the slot machine, the lower the odds that you’ll actually hit the jackpot. While special extra features may be fun, the concept of keeping track of multipliers, progressive jackpots and bonuses when using a complex slot machine makes it more difficult to win. Therefore, avoid complicated slot machines and focus on basic slot machines instead.


2) Test The Slots Out First

As opposed to betting on machines that you’ve never used before, take them for a test run first. In many cases, you’ll be able to use a free version of a given title or access the demo mode for said title. By testing out different machines, you can develop a strategy that you can use when real money is at stake.


3) Use Cash Instead Of Card

When it comes to playing at an offline casino, it’s highly recommended that you use cash instead of your debit/credit card. As opposed to swiping your card whenever you’re ready for a new spin, physically inserting cash will help to ensure that you stay within the limits of your budget.


4) Higher Denominations

If you want to significantly raise the chances that you’ll hit a winning combo, focus on slots that have higher denominations. Slots with higher denominations typically have better odds than their lower denomination counterparts.


5) Casino Promotions

Many online and offline pocketwin casino operators provide players with various benefits and rewards. In some cases, you can take advantage of these rewards to increase your odds of winning at the slot machine. Therefore, before playing at a given casino check to see what kind of rewards they provide. Some casinos provide no-deposit bonuses. What this entails is that you can play for free and keep whatever winnings you attain. Other casinos will match your deposit. So, if you deposit $100, they will provide you with another $100 to play with.

Should You Use Tracking Software When Playing Online Poker?

What Is Poker Tracking Software?


This type of software allows you to get more information about your opponents and how they play. If you find patterns in their play, then you can take advantage of them. You can see information on exactly how their hands were played, including any stats related to it. If you combine this with a HuD, then you can see all of these stats live. This can give you a massive advantage when it comes to trying to win hands against your opponents when you play poker online.




A heads-up display or HUD can connect to online tracking software. It shows you stats happening at your table while you go. One of these stats includes information about the pre-flop. Some of these pre-flop stats include the PFR percentage. This stands for pre-flop raise. In other words, this stat will show you how often your opponent raises during the preflop. If you combine this stat with the VPIP stat, or: voluntarily put money in the pot,” then you’ll get an idea of how often they will cold-call range even if they have a weak hand. All you do is subtract their preflop raise percentage from their VPIP percentage to get a sense of how often they are cold calling. This will give you an idea of what you should do during the hand!




Another stat to look at is the set known as post-flop stats. This includes the aggression factor. This shows how often they are likely to bluff. Since the average is under 1, anyone who has a factor of under 1 is more likely to be representing their hand accurately. If they are way over 3, then if you have anything good at all, it may be wise to stick with it and call their bluff. Other stats that are relevant here include the WTSD or “went to showdown post-flop” stat, indicating how likely they are to go all the way during this stage of the game.


Summing Up


Tacking software can give you massive advantages during online 홀덤 poker games via your HuD. The number of stats you can get here is substantial. You can see information about how often they fold to C-bets or Second barrels, info about folding to 3-bets, and much more. There’s even information about using trackers with HUDs to win when you’re playing a micro stakes cash game.


In general, if you’re serious about playing online poker games, then you will really want this kind of tracking software on your side. After all, your opponents are probably using it, so anyone who’s not using it is going to be at a disadvantage.

Why Online Poker is Enjoyed by Many and a Popular Game

There are different types of gambling games that you might try out online, and one of the more popular options is online poker. You might be someone who has played online poker, or you might be thinking about trying it out. There are a number of ways to explain why this game has received the attention and popularity that it has. It is something that is enjoyed by all kinds of people.


Online Poker is Popular Because It Uses the Brain:

There are some gambling games that simply require you to press a button or flip a switch. In the online world, there are a number of gambling games that really are not exciting and that do not allow you to do too much or use your brain. If you are looking for an online gambling option that will get you thinking, you should consider online poker. One of the reasons that online poker has the popularity that it has is because it is a game that requires a person to think and that allows a person to impress others with their intelligence.


Online Poker is Popular Because People Want to Be Like Their Peers:

When a game starts to be popular, it quickly grows more popular because people want to be like their peers and play the kinds of games that they are playing. If you have friends who play online idn poker, you are probably interested in the game because of them and because you want to see what it is about it that has drawn them in. Online poker is popular in part because the more that some play it, the more that others are attracted to it.


Online Poker is Popular Because It Gets People Competing:

When people play a game against one another, they get excited because they want to come out the winner. If you have always loved competing against your peers, you might enjoy online poker because it allows you to do that in a big way. When you take part in poker championships, you have the chance to show that you are just as intelligent as those who are playing against you. You get the chance to prove yourself and to win a game because of the skills that you possess. Online poker is something that many enjoy because it allows people to compete with one another.


Many Enjoy Online Poker and Participate Regularly:

There are people who use online poker as their primary form of entertainment. Those people enjoy everything about the game. If you are interested in online poker and not sure what it is that makes it so special, you might consider trying it for yourself.

3 No-Brainer Soccer Betting Options For Longstanding Fans And Newbies Alike

Many historians suggest that soccer originated sometime around 2500 B.C. During this time period, it’s believed that the Chinese, Egyptians And Greeks all participated in games which consisted of using the foot to move a ball. Some of these games also consisted of using a stick or hands to move a ball. In today’s world, soccer is the most popular sport in the world and has more than 3 million fans. As such, it shouldn’t be surprising that soccer sports betting on sites such as em 2021 betting is one of the most popular kinds of sports betting people partake in. Today, we take a closer look at 3 no-brainer soccer bets to consider regardless if you’re a long-time fan of soccer or a newbie that just got interested in this kind of sport.


1) Straight Up Betting

Straight up betting is fairly straightforward. It’s also the most common soccer betting option that people tend to lean towards. Also referred to as the game-winner bet or moneyline bet, all you have to do to make a wager is to choose a team which you think will win an upcoming match. If your selected team wins, regardless of how many goals they scored or how the match ended, you’ll earn some cash.


2) The Draw No Bet

The draw no bet option is regarded as being a very safe option for newcomers and veterans alike. In most sports games, if the match ends in a draw and you didn’t specifically bet on it ending in a draw, you’ll lose for money. But, with no draw betting, you get to pick a team that you think will win and if the team wins the match, you’ll earn cash. However, if the match ends in a draw, your wager will be refunded to you.


3) Double Chance

Statistically speaking, a significant amount of soccer matches end in a draw. Double chance betting was created to capitalize on this fact. When you take a closer look into how a soccer match ends, you realize that there are only 1 of 3 possible outcomes. The outcomes go as follows:

  • Team Blue Win or Draw
  • Team Red Win or Draw
  • Team Red or Team Blue Wins


With double chance betting, you get to bet on 2 out of 3, of the aforementioned outcomes. Many expert bettors have proclaimed that your chances of winning a double chance wager is higher than winning a straight up bet. As a result of this fact however, payouts tend to be lower than straight up betting.


Most Common Soccer Betting Strategies

Soccer betting provides gamblers with excitement value while also testing their game comprehension. It also elevates the intensity of the game. Like any other sport, soccer has rules that a gambler needs to understand before placing their bet. The most significant error you can make as a gambler is betting blind. Here are the most common soccer betting strategies to enhance your soccer betting experience.


1.Betting On Total Goals Scored

Betting on total goals scored is a creative bet. Therefore, you need to do a significant amount of research and analysis when you pick this strategy. Helpful information that can guide you is learning each team carefully, like their average goals and concessions. In addition, an in-depth understanding of the types of wagers under the total goals bet (see odds for euros) is vital before you can outline your strategy and place your bet. These wagers are the over/under, total goals by team, total goals by half, number of goals bracket, and exact number of goals. Your odds of winning are increased when armed with such information.


2.Betting On Corners

Corner bets are a new hype in soccer betting but have quickly become standard. Gamblers place their bets by predicting which side will win more corners, the half of the game which will issue more corners, and the first team to gain most corners. But, again, this strategy requires research. Adequate knowledge of a team’s trend, for example, keeping tabs on the number of corners they average in a game, is helpful. In addition, study the attack and defense tactics of teams, how they clear their lines, the size of pitches, and how they fare under particular weather. Information is power, and it increases your chances of winning.


3.Betting On The Double Chance

When placing a soccer bet, you expect three probable outcomes. In traditional 3-way soccer betting, you wager on a win from the home team, the visiting team’s victory, or the game ending in a draw. However, a double chance bet increases your probability of winning by ensuring that you still get your reward if one of the two occurrences in the match’s outcome. You increase your chances of winning by 33.3% when you bet on two possible results of the match. This betting strategy is loved by bettors who are reluctant to take risks.


4.Predicting Upsets

The unpredictability of soccer matches makes them quite exhilarating. Shrewd soccer bettors sometimes use this strategy to bet on the underdog by keenly observing and analyzing factors that steer the advantage away from a favorite to the underdog.



The Best Sports to Bet On



Soccer betting is fun and entertaining, therefore, draws as many people as possible. Winning or losing a bet does not matter a lot for the bettors because entertainment is the primary target. However, they prefer winning, but getting overall contention is more important. Bigger ambitions drive betting for many because winning is their ultimate target. People fall into different categories, either betting for fun or money-making, but many do it for both targets. Soccer betting strategies differ, and so you should work with the most practical ones to realize your desires. These plans are easy and straightforward, thereby applicable in different concepts and topics, and all bettors feel nicely accommodated. Soccer betting is more satisfying as far as you comprehend the essential requirements. Therefore, you should follow the perfectly laid down situs judi bola betting guidelines on online platforms. This will not consume a lot of effort and time unlike visiting casinos.




NBA online betting has something for everyone, be it a seasoned bettor or a newbie. NBA has a packed routine, many bets, intuitive actions, and so betting on the game can be profitable and quite exciting. NBA betting priming is essential, and so you must master the fundamentals because online platforms avail the relevant betting resources. After this, you can be ready to bet on the NBA odds to win real money. NBA betting is easy and, therefore, embraced by many firms, and many sites exist. You only need to liaise with the team of professionals and they will guide you through the criteria used in different sportsbooks. The experts will help to narrow down the list, and you will relish the NBA online betting now and in the future. The experts do not have whatever relationship with the sportsbooks, and so the selection is done professionally and based on where you will earn more.




Watching NFL on the pitch is quite entertaining, and online betting on the same creates equal satisfaction. NFL games are mainly played on Sundays and millions of bettors are always ready to wager to the extent of some staking more money. NFL newbie bettors might not understand several phrases used. However, before a season starts, you can brush up on certain issues, and even the experts can help to approach the games wisely. In the absence of professionals, beginners can read some guidelines on the websites for effective guidance and confidently stake huge sums of money. You should understand the NFL betting odds and lines wisely because the games are on the Moneyline or point spread. Ensure you evaluate the betting types and their related odds. Assess the odds to determine the profitable ones, and make it a routine to bet on the likely games, and more winnings will be realized.

What Sports Are Bet On The Most In 2021?

  1. American Football

The most popular sports betting in the world is easily American football. Due to its popularity, there are multiple sports betting opportunities with sites like asianbookie. Football betting can include NCAA, NFL and Rugby football.


Let us take a look at the popularity of football for the 2020-2021 sports betting season. The 2021 Super Bowl alone was estimated to have brought in around 4 billion dollars with 23 million bets placed according to the American Gaming Association. Truly staggering numbers!


American football, rugby, and even soccer are worldwide sports that engage millions of fans to participate in sports betting.


  1. Baseball

This 140-year-old sport is a sports betting magnet around the world. The pandemic restricted fan participation for the 2020 World Series and established a new low for viewing. However, with such a long season, there are many opportunities for sports betting.


Even with a new viewing low, there were still 10 million viewers watching “America’s Game”. Baseball is not only extremely popular in the US, but it is also popular in Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Australia, and many other countries. In 2020 due to a variety of reasons including the pandemic lockdown, ratings were down 11%.


However, viewership was up 4% so hopefully, this bodes well for the 2021 season. With the pandemic lockdown loosening, there may be more baseball games participants which should increase sports betting revenues.


  1. Basketball


A sport popular across the globe, with millions of fans. There are many basketball leagues to be found around the world, but the most popular league by far is American basketball.


The most prevalent basketball sports betting leagues are the NBA and NCAA. The NCAA especially when the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament is held. The NBA and NCAA basketball championships generate enormous fan interest and sports betting action.


The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletics Association) March Madness tournament  generates over 140 million betting brackets. In the United States, of the nearly 329 million residents, roughly 40 million fans placed wagers on their favorite NCAA teams. In 2019 a staggering $460 million was wagered on the NCAA basketball tournament and 2021 should produce similar numbers.


The NBA (National Basketball Association) took a hit in 2020 due to COVID-19 and other distracting political factors. Viewership for 2020 was down 27% from last season and almost 40% from two years ago. The 2020 NBA Championship reported a 66% drop off in viewers, a huge number that the NBA plans to address for the 2021 season.


In Conclusion


This list is by no means inclusive. Many other sports generate sports betting such as soccer, hockey, and golf, among others will continue to generate sports bets.

Top 3 Easy and Prudent Soccer Bets

There is no safe betting since it involves the risk of losing your hard-earned bucks. However, some punters are always betting, and they never run out of handsome wins. While their successes depend on a mixture of strategy and luck, the options you take are also a significant contributor. Read along to find 3 of the top soccer bets that you can consider playing.

Double Chance

A double chance bet is perhaps one of the most comfortable options that can boost your soccer betting strategy. If you have team X playing against team Y, you can choose either team to win or end the game with a tie. The double chance is quite a strong bet since it picks two out of three possible outcomes in any agen judi bola match.

On the flip side, this betting option has some limitations that include the following.

  • Lower odds hence a reduced size of the award
  • There is no guarantee that the team you choose for the “win” option will get it.

Over or Under Goals

The over/under bet relies on predicting the total goals that you expect a match to yield. You can do your due diligence and come up with a match analysis. The analysis will depend on past performances and the current abilities of the teams.

Betting on the total goals involves a higher level of risk-taking and confidence. If you choose an option of over 2.5 goals, you must have confidence that the match will end with at least three goals. The following are examples of total goals options to select.

  • Over/under 3.5
  • Over/under 1.5
  • Over/under 2.5
  • Over/under 4.5

Betting on total goals is easy and popular with many punters; it provides many chances of winning. It also has many options that you can choose to stretch your chances. It offers a clear winning strategy with the correct information before a judgment.

The Draw No Bet

The draw no bet option involves only two possible selections apart from the tie itself. It means that you can choose either the home or away team to win. In case the match ends in a tie, you do not lose or gain. It has to end with a win for the team you selected to receive the award. You will lose the amount you invested in the bet if the team you choose loses the game.

The odds for a draw no bet option are higher than in a double chance. Still, they are low if you compare them with the odds of some more straightforward options.

There are many other betting options apart from these three. It would be best if you take time to acquaint yourself with the other possible soccer bets. The bottom line is that any bet should follow thorough analysis and prudent judgment.

The Strongest Hands in Online Poker

What is Online Poker?

Online poker is an extremely popular alternative to onsite gambling at casinos like 먹튀검증. In order to win an online poker game, the player must hold the best hand (combination of cards) out of every person playing the game. There are multiple groupings of cards that can lead to a victory. However, the strength of the hand is determined by the strength of the specific combination. That being said, there are several hands that are stronger than any other. Throughout the game each player is dealt two cards and there are a total of five cards dealt in the center. The main goal is to create the best hand of five out of the cards originally dealt and the the five cards in the pot.


What are the Strongest Hands?

The third strongest hand is called four of a kind. This combination of cards is rather self-explanatory. A four of a kind is made up of four of the same face card. For example, if a player was holding four different queens than their hand could only be beaten by a straight flush or a royal flush.There are three different types of flush in poker. These three hands are called flush, straight flush, and royal flush. Each of these hands possess different levels of strength. The weakest variation is the flush.

In order to end up with a flush, the player must be holding five different cards of the same suit. For example, a variety of 5 different spade suit cards would be equivalent to a flush. The second strongest variation of a fish is called a straight flush. A straight flush is when the player’s hand consists of 5 sequential cards of the same suit. The only hand capable of defeating a straight flush is a royal flush. The primary difference between a straight flush and a royal flush is that a royal flush is sequential from ten through ace.

Wrapping Up

These particular hands are much stronger than any others because they are much less likely to occur during a poker game. It is not uncommon for the winning hand to be merely a high card (weakest hand in poker). There are approximately 2,598,960 possible combinations of cards in the game of poker. This is why it is extremely unlikely for an individual to win with a royal flush. In fact the chances of being dealt a royal flush in poker is a mere 0.000154%. In comparison, it is much more likely to get a four of a kind or even a straight flush. However, it is still very unlikely. The probability of being dealt a straight flush is 0.0279% while the probability of getting four of a kind is 0.168%.

Online Gambling Indonesia – why is it so popular?

Why Is Online Gambling So Popular In Indonesia?

Gambling has been part of the Indonesian culture. Whether it is friendly games at home with family and friends, or out at the underground casinos, or at the cockfights, gambling has been a long part of the way of life in Indonesia. Now, though, with the introduction of online gambling opportunities, it is more popular than ever, but why?


The world’s largest Muslim population is in Indonesia. Islamic law forbids gambling, and because of this, Indonesia has some of the strictest laws when it comes to gambling. If caught, citizens can be subject to harsh penalties, including fines and jail time.

Though the laws have not stopped amount of gambling that occurs in the country. Whether it is because it is a forbidden that makes it so attractive, it is hard to tell. People continue to gamble, even knowing the consequences. Indonesia has one of the highest gambling rates. What is even more interesting is that a few Indonesian companies own some of the most popular online casinos.

Its Big Business

It is hard to ignore that online gambling is big business. Companies and even some governments make a lot of money from their online casinos. A lot of rich people make a great deal of money from online gambling in Indonesia. To keep the money flowing, they need people to gamble. It is in their best interest to get people to take part in online gambling.

Easy Access

Thanks to illegal private clubs and online games such as slot online, it is now easier for Indonesians to enjoy gambling. Online games allow for people to enjoy their favorite games secretly from the comfortable of their own home. The government tries to block as many of the online casinos as they can. However, thanks to modern technology and the fact that now VPNs are easy to gain, citizens can enjoy their gambling without the worry of being blocked or getting into trouble. This has helped to continue the popularity of gambling.

The future

Will the government ever ease the restrictions they have placed on gambling? Probably not. Though they may be less restrictive when they realize how much money that they could make for their country. Regardless of what the government does, they will not be able to stop people from gambling online. Gambling is a popular way to spend time in Indonesia, even though it is illegal. Online gambling continues to grow in popularity, and as more online opportunities continue to become available, the more people are going to enjoy it. Online gambling is not going to come to an end, instead it is going to continue to grow in popularity.

Vietnam’s Rampant Illegal Gambling

One unusual thing about gambling in Vietnam, is that it is to a large extent illegal, but still very prevalent. The communists in Vietnam perceive gambling as a form of moral decay in the society and hence are against it. Since the early 19th century, gambling was totally illegal in Vietnam, the only legal gambling at the time, was state-run lotteries. However, with time, the government started to gradually loosen some laws.

The popularity of gambling in Vietnam can be attributed to various factors:

It is deep rooted into their past

Gambling is a historical thing in Vietnam. Gambling has been evident for ages, and hence the current generation to some extent, takes after their predecessors. Gambling has been popular since the early 20th century, whereby gambling was done between merchants and their customers, using balls of dice.

Relaxation of laws

In the year 2017, the government of Vietnam legalized chance-based gambling games. However, at that time, sport betting was still illegal. In the year 2018, a decree legalizing sport betting was passed. This encompassed international football games, horse racing and greyhound racing. Conditions were set, such that, the involved persons must be 21years old, must have no criminal records, and must have consent from family.

The government has allowed foreign passport holders to operate casinos and gambling sites. The loosening of the rules is meant to attract foreign investors into the casino trực tuyến việt nam uy tín 188loto industry.

The presence of large casinos and poker clubs

The presence of large licensed casinos across Vietnam has promoted the gambling culture. These casinos that are owned and operated by foreign passport holders, have created a suitable platform for thriving of gambling. One setback is that, these casinos are only accessible to foreigners, hence they do not enjoy a local customer base. However, casinos have recently been made accessible to Vietnamese, only on a trial basis. Unlike the casinos that are restricted to locals, poker clubs are accessible to both the locals and the foreigners, hence spearheading gambling.

Need for money

With the tough economic times that we are living in, some Vietnamese view gambling as an easy way of supplementing their income. Some feel that gambling gives them a chance to improve their standard of living. In addition, Vietnamese like many other Asians, have a strong believe in luck and fortune, and hence bet believing in winning.

Gambling is perceived as a form of social interaction

Vietnamese perceive gambling as a good avenue for social interaction and social cohesion. While it can be fun and enjoyable, gambling if taken too far, can lead people into serious debts, compelling them to crimes such as theft.

Predominant black markets

Vietnamese are enthusiastic towards gambling, with the Vietnam’s legislature having enacted strict measures against gambling for locals; the people are forced to access border casinos, whereby, they trade millions of dollars. Border gambling is prominent, especially at the South-eastern border.

The fact that gambling is illegal for Vietnam’s locals, makes many of them to engage in illegal gambling. While others operate illegal gambling, some choose to cross borders to neighboring countries like Cambodia in order to satisfy their gambling desires.

Many Vietnamese choose to seek unauthorized alternatives, such as, unauthorized online betting, and casino and lottery operation. In 2018, the government started to shut down illegal betting rings and gambling dens, in addition to heavy penalties and jail terms.

Online Baccarat Suggestions

All About Baccarat

Baccarat is the name of a game that has been a staple in casinos all around the planet for many years and decades. According to the pros at 먹튀검증, it’s gaining a lot of traction in the thrilling world of online gambling as well. If you’re thinking about trying your hand at playing baccarat on the Internet, then it can help you to learn as much as possible about the gaming favorite. It can help you considerably to keep your ears open to suggestions that may get you on the path to glory, too.


Internet Baccarat Suggestions to Consider

If you want to do well in this card game online, then you should pay close attention to several things. You should steer clear of a bet that can lead to a tie. These sorts of bets are major cash squanderers. If you want to avoid heartache, you should cross it off your list of choices.


Assess Game Odds Prior to Taking Action

People who soar in baccarat on the Internet consistently assess their odds prior to initiating any games at all. You should never approach any kind of card game online in an ignorant or clueless fashion. Confirm that the details that you get are accurate, too. Don’t believe everything that you read.


Stop While You’re Ahead

This is a big concept in the gambling realm. It’s not something that can only help people who are brand new to online baccarat. If you’re doing well in the card game, then you should take the smart approach. Say sayonara to your playing session for the night. Remember, nothing is stopping you from coming back later on after you feel more refreshed. Why lose your wins within a short span of time?


Go for Brief Playing Periods

Some of the most capable online baccarat aficionados are the individuals who stick to brief playing spells. Don’t forget that the longer you play baccarat on the Internet, the higher your chances become of making poor decisions and losing everything you have. That’s definitely the last scenario you want. Don’t ever forget about the stress factors of the house and its edge.


Comprehend the Ins and Outs of the Game

You shouldn’t make the typical mistake of approaching playing baccarat on the Internet without knowing anything. You should take the time to thoroughly research the game and how it functions. Find out about the strategies that have been associated with people who have done well in the game in the past, too. The more you know, the more confident you’ll feel.


Have Limitations

Online baccarat can be scary for people who do not have any limitations. If you tell yourself that you’re not going to lose all of your cash, mean it.


Betting on Family

Some of the most significant wagers in the history of sports betting (e.g. on 먹튀검증), took a decade to pay off. A Texas businessman relied on a $13 million bet to finance a business promotion. Professional athletes have made as much as sports bettors as they did during their competing days. A tennis fan in England won $155,000 postmortem.


Betting on Family

In 2004 professional golfer Rory McIlroy was 15 years old. That year, McIlroy’s father Gerry wagered 200 British pounds that his son would be an Open Champion. In 2014 Rory won the Open Championship making his dad approximately USD 130,000 prouder.

The odds against little Harry Wilson becoming a soccer star were 2,500/1. The odds didn’t stop Harry’s grandfather Peter Edwards from betting his grandson would one day represent the family’s native Wales on the soccer pitch. By age 16, Harry was a rising soccer star. The 50-pound wager that his grandfather had placed a little over a decade earlier yielded USD 160,000.


Betting on Someone Else to Win

Pro-golfer Phil Mickelson is a true believer in the Baltimore Ravens. The 2000 NFL season had not seen its first kick-off when Mickelson contributed to a $20,000 bet on the Ravens winning the Super Bowl. Mickelson was part of a gambling syndicate that netted over half-a-million dollars from wagering on Baltimore.

NBA legend Charles Barkley’s love of gambling has been requited and unrequited. In 2002, Barkley was among the few who foresaw the Pats beating the Rams in the Super Bowl. By backing New England, Sir Charles realized a $300,000 profit on a $500,000 bet. A bet that the Falcons would win the NFL championship cost Barkley $100,000.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather has placed sports bets exceeding $1 million. A $5.9 million wager Mayweather purportedly made on game seven of the 2013 NBA championship may be an urban legend. If the story is true, Mayweather won his bet. How much he may have won remains a mystery.


The Last Wager

Nicholas Newlife would have to wait for 10-years to see if a 1,500-pound bet on Roger Federer winning seven Wimbledon titles would payoff. Sadly by the time, Federer claimed his seventh title Nicholas Newlife had passed. Thanks to a provision in Newlife’s will his $155,000 in winnings will feed 10,000 impoverished families.

The Reasons Gamblers Enjoy Slot Games So Much

There are many types of games that gamblers can play when they are looking to risk a little of their money and spend some time gambling. There are games that involve skill and participating with others. There are slot games, too, and these are a popular choice among gamblers. Many love to try their hand at a slot game and see if they can win something. The reasons why gamblers love slot games so much are interesting and looking into them helps people learn what gamblers are all about and why they love gambling in general.

Slot Games are Popular Because They are Exciting:

There is something exciting about standing by a slot machine or logging on to a slot game online through a site like joker 123. There is something fun about waiting to see if the slot machine is going to help a person win or not. Those who are interested in gambling enjoy the anticipation that they experience while they are playing a slot game. They love to watch the machine that they are using and see if they are going to come up a big winner and take home a good amount of money.

Slot Games are Popular Because They Do Not Take a Lot of Thought:

There are some games that a person plays when they are gambling that require them to really think about what they are doing and why they are making the decisions that they are making. There are some who choose to play poker when they are gambling or who choose to make bets on sports teams. It can take a lot of thought for certain types of gambling to take place, and not all gamblers want to have to think about what they are doing. Those who play slot games do not have to think too much about what they are doing and they can simply get caught up in the excitement of things and play their favorite games without thinking about anything. It can be a welcome break to play slot games.

Slot Games are a Popular Choice Among Gamblers and They Can be Enjoyed Alone:

It is interesting to look into the different types of casino games that are out there and see which of them gamblers like the best. It is interesting to see which casino games a gambler will pick to play on each given day. There are a number of reasons why some people prefer slot games to other games, and one of the reasons might be because these games can be played by a single person. Some just do not want to have to join with others when they feel like gambling and they would like to find games that they can take on alone.

3 Things you should know if you are an online poker beginner

Being a poker player competing in games online is a great way to explore the game you love, make risky strategies pay off and build a nice nest egg from the comfort of your own home. Is this something that is new to you? With these three little tips you will soon be playing in the big leagues.

  1. Know Your Competition

Expecting to be a brilliant poker player on day one, right out of the gate is a little too ambitious for most players, but just sticking with the game and trying to learn more about it and about playing the game every day will make you better in no time. As a beginner, accept that there are more experienced and knowledgeable players than you are and do not enter into any of the higher stakes games that you may find. One day you might be a high ranking poker player, but that usually comes with a lot (years) of practice. The practice, even if it’s just games for fun, should be both fun and educational, helping you get better, at the same time.

  1. Choose the Right Site

With online poker becoming a popular way to spend your free time, there are more sites than ever that offer poker games and cater to professional players (see 99poker). This wide array of unique practices that you can choose from mean that you will always be able to find a game that is exactly what you want. If you are a beginner who is easily discouraged by this, you might want to dip a tow in the water and find some other gaming sites that also offer poker to play. Many places have it on their site, but it is not a focus.

  1. Know Your Local Regulations

One thing we all know is that online gambling, whether it be a card game, a slot machine or a roulette wheel, varies in legality from country to country, and sometimes within a country. It is always prudent to check on the local laws governing a place where you want to spend time gaming before you actually do it. After all, what is the point of getting winnings together if you can’t access them? A lot of the time it isn’t even the site that is restricted, but local laws regarding the flow of money from one place to another.

It is a worthwhile goal to be the best online poker payer around, and if you are just a beginner, then it would benefit you to read these tips and brush up on your local laws, as well as check out which sites offer a poker game that might appeal to you.

Can beginners easily learn dominoqq and then play it online and win?

While you may think the Indonesian dominoes game dominoqq looks complicated to play, once you start looking into it further you may realize quickly how simple it can actually be. Especially if you do the right research and find free resources that can help you play it.

Start with websites dedicated to dominoqq — As dominoqq has moved out of Indonesia and into Asia proper, many people have become interested in playing the game. This has meant a number of websites have popped up in recent years showing beginners how to play the game.

These websites start with the basic rules of dominoqq and instructions on how to play it. They also often include videos of people playing the game. That way beginners can get an idea of how a typical game plays out.

Some sites even have videos of actual games at online casinos. This shows you what it is like to play dominoqq online, and may even give you an indication of how easy or difficult it is to win.

Chat rooms and forums dedicated to dominoqq online — As websites about dominoqq began to proliferate online, chat rooms and forums dedicated to the game soon followed.

These places are wonderful for a beginner just starting out with domino qq online as there are often hundreds of topics you can read.

As many of the dominoqq players worldwide tend to be Asian you may find a large percentage of topics in these chat rooms are in one of a number of Asian languages. Do not worry, though, as starting a topic in English will usually result in experienced dominoqq players that do speak English coming to help.

Use these chat rooms wisely by asking the questions you need answering. Get help on things about the game you do not understand. Get tips and hints on how to play dominoqq online, and how to be successful at it.

With some of these players having spent years playing the game, these types of chat rooms can be invaluable for a beginning player.

Playing dominoqq online — The first rule of thumb when playing the game online is to sign up to more than one online casino, and only choose casinos offering a registration bonus.

That will immediately set you up with free cash to use to play dominoqq, which will give you more time to get the experience you will need to win.

Start by playing the free dominoqq games. Of course, these will not allow you to win real money as they pay out in tokens, but they will allow you to get experience before you start playing in the real dominoqq games.

Once you feel confident you understand both the game and the gaming platform the online casino provides, head into one of the dominoqq rooms and begin to play.

Just remember to start out in the lower stakes games as that will often allow you to play against players that are still at your skill level.


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